Come and have some fun in the 40+ Casual Style Challenge Contest!

by Sylvia

Join the 40Plus Casual Style Challenge and stand to win 1 of 3 $50 Amazon vouchers |

As you know we are in casual mode at 40+ Style. But…. casual with an edge. Casual that still shows a sense of chic and style. In short, it’s all about looking great in casual style over 40 and discovering your own casual style persona. To that end I started off the process with 7 casual style outfit formulas and every week we are going to explore one of them. We already did the first one yesterday where myself and many other ladies showed you some great ways to wear jeans with a special top. Next week we are going to explore jeans with a top and jacket. I hope you join us for that mini challenge!

And now there is also the 40+ Style Casual Challenge Contest!

I’d like to add a little extra to the mini challenges! We had so much fun pinning in the last style challenge (now the 10 Steps To Refining Your Style Course), that I want to do something similar again. It’s fun and easy to join and you will discover a lot about your own personal casual style. As an extra incentive I’m going to give away 3 $50 spending vouchers for Amazon at the end of the Casual Style Challenge. Here is how it will work.

  1. Join at any time during the duration of this Style Challenge (until 23 June)
  2. Create a board called 40Plus Casual Style Challenge.
  3. Pin the image below on your board. You can also click here and repin this image.
  4. During and after each mini challenge for each of the casual outfit formulas, pin any favorite looks that match the criteria on your pinboard. They can can be images you find on this site but can also be images from other sites on the web. You could also pin your own images or pin any collages that you may create.
  5. Make sure to post at least one look for each casual formula. This can be your own images or those of others that you discover on this site or around the web. If you create your own collages for each casual outfit formula then that will be a bonus.
  6. Tag all your pins with #40PlusCasualStyleChallenge.
  7. Aim at creating a board that really tells me something about you and your style personality. This is all about discovering your casual style persona!
  8. At the end of the challenge I will personally pick the top boards and then will RANDOMNLY draw names out of a hat for the 3 winners. (the number of top boards depends on the number of pinners and their dedication so I don’t want to limit it to a certain number. However, I will pick at least 10).

Pin to Win! Just create a 40plus Casual Style Challenge pinboard and start pinning your favorite casual looks! |

Here are some of the things I will look at when choosing the top boards:

  • Do I get an idea of this person’s casual style persona?
  • Does the board include inspiration for each casual outfit formula (not all of the formulas will fit your style persona so it’s very normal to have fewer pins for some, but please include just one pin that reflects your favorite look for a certain casual outfit formula. You may like to add to your pins why you like certain looks or why they suit you and why others do not.
  • How much does the pinner contribute and engage with the overall group and the challenge?

What if you are not on Pinterest?

For this contest you will need to have a Pinterest account. Pinterest is really a very fun tool to get inspired. Millions of women are already using it to keep track of everything that inspires them. You don’t have to ‘follow’ anyone if you don’t want to. You could even keep all your pins private (even though you will need to make your 40Plus Casual Style Challenge board public for the duration of this challenge). It’s super easy and quick to setup and I encourage you to watch this short video if you are completely new to Pinterest, where I personally explain how to get started with the website.

So let’s get started.

Start creating your 40Plus Casual Style Challenge boards. You are welcome to start adding images to it straight away. You will need to pin the image below the 8 steps first, but after that you can add anything that inspires you and that relates to your personal style. If you prefer you can stay completely anonymous as you don’t have to post pictures of yourself. I really hope you will participate in this challenge. I will follow each board and will maintain a list of all Casual Style Challenge Pinterest boards right here, so everyone can easily access them and follow each other.

Let’s start pinning! If you like to participate and win one of the 3 $50 vouchers, just comment below with the link of your 40Plus Casual Style Challenge board and start pinning!


Current 40Plus Casual Style Challenge Boards:

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Caroline Carolus

I would like to dress more classy and mix and natch my clothes


kay kerns
Daenel T

Such a fun challenge.

Here’s a link to my board:


Alyssa Barnett

Sorry dear Sylvia, no time for that. Plus I am not very good at finding combinations.
I will however join in sending you pictures of casual with a jacket.



It looks like you’re not the only one being too busy!



Great you are joining in Lorraine!


Sunny Hackman


This sounds like great fun! Here is the link my link:


Mary G

Really enjoyed finding your site and all the great ideas you have! I want to update my style but not spend money so this is a challenge. I got all my clothes out last week and came up with some cute outfits and it was a lot of fun! Also got rid of a bunch of things that I knew I just wouldn’t be had hadn’t worn for years which is a plus! I started a board to join in on the fun-

bee blessed



Glad you found us Mary and great that you are joining. Good to hear that you are mixing and matching with your clothes and finding new ways to wear things. Indeed it is all about having FUN!


Dana B

Finally I joined the competition! Here is my pinterest board



Sylvia, you know how much I enjoy your style challenges – and this one is right up my street!

Here’s the link to my Pinterest board:


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