Remixing my clothes: cropped wide pants with colorblock top.

by Sylvia

Wide cropped pants with a colorblock top |

I like to keep it ‘real’ at 40+Style which is why I don’t only show you new outfits. I’m a big believer in keeping a smaller wardrobe full of things you love and that you can mix and match to your heart’s delight.

optwidewhitepants (2 of 4)

Here is another way I wore both my colorblock top and my wide cropped pants. Both wardrobe favorites. The top especially suits so many of my clothes. You can see it in another outfit here. I wore the pants before here.

The top works with these pants as it is short. Important as the pants already shorten my legs, so the shorter the top, the nicer the overall silhouette will be. The mid high heels help add some length to the lower part of the body.

optwidewhitepants (3 of 4)

The pants can be a challenge to wear though. Watch what happens when I bend or sit down. I almost start looking like a clown! It’s good for a laugh though and since I believe that fashion should not be taken too seriously and that it is all about fun, I just have fun with it!

optwidewhitepants (4 of 4)

Top and pants: In Good Company
Shoes: Unisa (old, similar in various colors)
Necklace: Alldressedup (old)
Sunglasses with in-built readers: Readers

optwidewhitepants (1 of 4)

How well are you mixing and matching your clothes?


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This is a look I love, love, love! Great job!


Thanks Pam!


I love the look. For me, I think I would buy the pants in a softer fabric to work with my moves and avoid the “clown” issue.


Yes that makes sense. The thicker fabric has its advantages too as it gives it a more structural, architectural look which I like and you don’t have the issues with white being see-through. I just know not to wear these pants when I will be sitting down a lot!

Elaine Lascher

A perfectly balanced out fit, including the accessories. It looks great, Sylvia! I love the necklace with it.


Thanks Elaine!


Wonderful look, Sylvia – I am getting ready for much warmer weather here soon, and this is a lovely way to dress for it. xo


Yes, so comfortable!


Love this Sylvia! You are such an inspiration. That necklace with the top and pants is wonderful. Love the colors!


Thanks. I love this color combination too. I had the necklace way before the top and it’s always so lovely to find older pieces that go so well with newer ones!

Oceanblue Style

Love that style so much and the white summery touch to it, Sylvia! Totally agree on the rematching too. Last week I creates 70s trend directly out of the closet, this week my japanese style inspiration came directly out of the closet. And it makes u wonder whats in a closet!!!! xo, Sabina | Oceanblue Style


Often a lot more than we think. Just yesterday I wore 2 pieces that I had not worn for a year. Very good as I can keep them in my closet now!

Jodie filogomo

LOL on the clown part!!! But you have the right attitude about it and really, we can’t look “perfect” all the time, right? I’m sure if you situate your body appropriately, no one would ever notice—especially because all their attention will be on that fabulous necklace!! Jodie


Haha, yes better keep their attention on the top part!


I have a couple of pairs of similar pants, not quite so full, but loose and short, and I stitch the pockets closed. Pockets at that point on me never look good if anything is in them, so i don’t use them. Losing the function isn’t such a sacrifice.


That is a good idea, but I would miss the pockets here and there is so much volume there, that it would not really solve the issue completely…


you are my girl! mixing and matching the items of a “smaller” wardrobe, wearing beloved pieces in different styles – yes and amen 🙂
and i love me some unexpected volume like in your pants! fabulous!!!!


Thanks Beate. Happy to read I’m not boring you!

Accidental Icon

To me that is the essence of personal style, mixing vintage, new and older items of clothing in different ways depending on the context and your mood. Love that you mix it up.

Accidental Icon


Thanks Lyn. Yes I agree. It’s very important!

Pam (Grey is the New Black)

I love that you remix clothes, we can’t be out buying new clothes all the time!


Thanks Pam. Certainly not!


What a great combo – love the pants, and that top is very you – plus that necklace – wow 🙂


Thanks Petra. Glad you like it. Yes, very true the top is so me. The pants are a bit of a departure from clothes that need to be flattering, but sometimes you just have to have a bit of fun with fashion!


Ha ha! Those pants are funny : )

The top and necklace are wonderful.



Told ya!

Greetje Kamminga

I am not too good at mixing and matching but I am getting better. I like your outfit, but find the shape and length of your trousers difficult to style.


Yes, I love how you are doing it now and trying new things. Very true, not the easiest type of pants to style. But sometimes, I just need a challenge and something different!

Senior Style Bible

Love the cropped pants look for Spring with sandals.
That is a WOW necklace. Who is the designer?


It is from Alldressedup. A brand that no longer exists unfortunately, although its key designers have started a new brand: In Good Company

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