How to be more creative with clothes

Malanie is truly an inspiration. You will find something new every time you open her blog and will be surprised every time. Not only by her very creative outfits, but also by her story lines, that are original, creative and often very funny. I wanted to learn more about her creative flair and see how I and other women can add more creativity to their outfits. Her answers are truly inspiring and I can assure you, that you are in for a good read that may just give you some ‘aha’ moments and creative ideas. Enjoy! [click to continue…]


Maurizio Galante fashion show

Last week I was invited to the presentation of Voila Singapore, a 2 week French extravaganza in Singapore that features art, film, food and of course fashion!

It was held at the mansion of the French Ambassador to Singapore, whose house was a treat in itself. As you can see his living room is big enough to stage a fashion show! Can you spot me? [click to continue…]


women bloggers over 40

When I started this site, I always wanted to build a community of 40+ women celebrating life and style! I do that through my style forum, but also through my list of blogs from women over 40. It’s a great way to keep updated on all the fabulous blogs from women over 40 and discover new ones. I’m happy to say that you have all embraced the list and I’m still adding more blogs every month. [click to continue…]


Christmas gift ideas for women over 40

December and Christmas are fast approaching and your husbands or male friends may need some ideas on what to give you. I decided to give them some help and will present to you some stylish, wonderful presents for women over 40. Just pass the link on to them as a subtle hint if you agree with my recommendations. Or just tell me what you would like to get this christmas (in terms of style) and I will add it to the list.  I’m sure all your loved ones would love to get some great tips so that you will all get presents you love!  [click to continue…]