Coco Chanel perfume quote

I have never discussed perfumes on this site. Yet it can be a major component of style for many women. Coco Chanel certainly thought so!

I decided to do a bit of ‘sniffing around’ to find out about how important perfumes are for other women and which ones are the most popular. [click to continue…]

What glasses to buy after 40

I have not talked much about wearing glasses and getting the right eyewear even though it’s a hugely important part of your look. Glasses are right in the middle of your face so people cannot help but noticing them. So rather than spending lots of money on those really trendy shoes, you may want to invest in a good pair of glasses instead. [click to continue…]

How to wear hats - style lesson from Style Crone

Today I have a real treat for you! Judith’s blog The Style Crone has been a long-time style crush of mine and is one of my favorite style blogs. Not only does she have exquisite style, she is also a very poetic writer. She is as elegant with her writing as her style and I’m often very moved by her stories of grief and transformation. I know of noone else who wears hats with such style and elegance, nor anyone who looks so young, fresh and modern with vintage clothing. [click to continue…]

women in green Indochine Singapore

I recently got together with Anja and both our husbands at Indochine in Gardens by the Bay Singapore. By coincidence we were very coordinated with our outfits. We were both wearing printed pants and both featured the color green. [click to continue…]