How to get frizz free hair in summer |

Your hair frames your face so it is important that it looks the best it can be. Earlier Anja shared her tips on how to manage curly hair and control the frizz. But here are also my personal tips for the best hair products to give you luscious and fizz-free hair! [click to continue…]

Adding color to your life |

As most of you know I have been in The Netherlands for 4 weeks now. I love going back there every year as it is so different from Singapore. I love the Netherlands in the summer and especially my newly adopted home town Haarlem and the city of Amsterdam which is close by.

This year I had the delight to live in my own house and even celebrated my birthday there.

Here are a few glimpses of what it is like. [click to continue…]

new and exciting shoe brands: WXY |

I love me some funky shoe and at the recent Blueprint tradeshow, I found quite a few exciting ones. Some of these will be hard to wear for women over 40, but many of the flat ones are very wearable. Have a look! [click to continue…]

Post image for How to have fun with fashion and look stylish in a wheelchair – a style interview with Alicia

Alicia is a truly inspiring style blogger. She is the perfect example of a stylish woman who does not let anything get in the way of looking her most stylish self. Alicia has cerebral palsey and spends a lot of time in her wheelchair, but she found that she felt so much better (and was taken a lot more seriously by others too) when she did not let that get in the way of dressing the best that she possibly manage. Find out more about this stylish blogger and get her best tips on dressing for a wheelchair too!

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