Some of the best knee-high skirts available online now

I love knee-high skirts and feel it’s a fabulous length for many women over 40. In fact I identified it as the best skirt length for women over 40 in an earlier article.

I was therefore very pleased to see that knee-high skirts were big on the spring 2014 runway shows this year (as well as for fall 2014). If that also translates in there being a lot of choice in the shops remains to be seen, but I did manage to find some great options online. [click to continue…]


The best graphical outfits as worn by women during New York fashion week |

I’m always attracted to the graphical look. I love graphical prints and love combining different ones together.

These 8 outfits all have something graphical about them. [click to continue…]


Fabulous Fashionistas creator Sou Bourne on why she created the film |

A while ago I spoke to you about Fabulous Fashionistas. An absolutely fascinating film about older women making the most of their golden years and looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

Sue contacted me to ask if I would alert my readers that this film is now for sale. As I believe that everyone should see this movie, I am very happy to do that and I also took the opportunity to ask Sue some more questions about the film and her own personal style. Enjoy and then be sure to buy and watch the movie! [click to continue…]


How does it feel wearing someone else's clothes? |

Anja had a great idea for an experiment.

Why not try on each other’s clothes and see what it feels like? Would it feel very different? Would we discover new things about ourselves or would it just confirm our own style preferences?

And how would the other person feel seeing their friend in their clothes? [click to continue…]