Style blogger Suzanne Carillo |

There are many reasons I love blogging as my profession. One of them is certainly the friendships and connections you build with other bloggers and readers.

And sometimes those connections don’t just stay virtual either. I met reader Lorraine in Singapore and previously saw bloggers Lisa and Stephanie. [click to continue…]


The summer essential: a light straw hat! |

What completes a great summer outfit? That’s right. The light straw hat! Great to shield yourself from the sun and often a stylish final touch to your outfit.

Enjoy this street inspiration from New York as well as the ever stylish Greetje in Barcelona! [click to continue…]


preen colorful flower skirt in a house full of color

How I love good-hair days! Easily achieved when you pay a visit to the hairdresser. I had to go and visit a new stylist this time so I took Greetje’s recommendation and visited Rob Peetoom where hairstylist Linda did a good job with my hair color and cut. I’m still letting it grow so there were only a few adjustments made but my hair has slightly more shape now. [click to continue…]


How to get the best out of duty free shopping in Singapore |

Summer Holidays are fast approaching and just as you’re heading to your departure gate, something catches your attention: the glittering sparkle of designer jewellery, the aromatic breeze of a floral perfume, pyramidal mountains of chocolate, and a candy like display of eyeshadow colours.

It’s hard to turn your head away from the alluring world of duty-free shopping. [click to continue…]