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by Sylvia

Online wardrobe organiser and manager
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After talking about the wardrobe esssentials, a wardrobe capsule, and creating a wardrobe you love and fits your personality, I will now go into more detail on how you can organise your wardrobe. Many of you may struggle to find the clothes in your wardrobe and perhaps you feel like you need to get more organised. One way of doing that is to make use of online software to organise your clothes. I had a look at some of them and here are some ideas.

On your computer

HomyFads Wardrobe Manager

homyfads wardrobe manager

HomyFads is for Windows users and it’s free to download. Features include:

  • Creation of unlimited number of virtual wardrobes
  • Grouping of wardrobe items into different collections
  • Drag and drop photos to create items in a collection
  • Tag your wardrobe items
  • Find items as you type into the search box




Stylitics is both available online as well as for your phone. You can plan and share outfits, get style advice, see what your friends are wearing, all from the smartest digital closet on the web. Don’t know what to wear? Stylitics will suggest items you haven’t worn in a while. You can also keep track of when you last wore an outfit, and see your own information, like average price per wear. Add and import past purchases and have all of your clothes in one place.

Go Chic or Go Home

go chic or go home

At Go Chic or Go Home you can shop your closet together with your friends. You can share pictures of your outfits and add your whole wardrobe online. You can create ensembles but also put outfit pictures online that your followers can comment on.

For the phone


See above.


touch closet wardrobe organiser

Touchcloset is a wardrobe manger for your phone that lets you keep track of all your clothes. Record when you last wore an item, so you know that you will not wear the same outfit twice to an event. Some other features include:

  • Going on a trip? Pick out what you’re taking before you even start packing!
  • Make an outfit a favorite!
  • Not sure if you already have the right top to go with those new jeans? Check your closet on the spot!
  • Create an account and your TouchCloset App will be backed up and synchronized with
  • Then go to the new and manage your wardrobe online, and everything you do will be updated automatically on your TouchCloset App.

Touchcloset can be bought on Itunes for $9.99

Pocket Closet

Clothing organiser pocket closet

Pocket closet is another wardrobe organiser for your phone. It has similar features to Touchcloset and you can easily add garments to your app. Organise them by type and fill in when you last wore them. A fun feature is that you can shake your phone and the app will give you another outfit suggestion! All features include:

  •  Create outfits from any combinations of clothes
  • Sort your outfits in to handy categories
  • Record outfits you wore on a built-in calendar
  • Share outfit ideas with friends (sends over standard email)
  • Get outfit suggestions by shaking your iPhone or iPod touch
  • Search for all dates when you wore a clothing item

Pocket Closet can be bought at Itunes for $0.99

My Wardrobe – catalog your clothes!

My wardrobe manager app

The my wardrobe app lets you carry you wardrobe with you. Manage all your outfits and keep a diary of you how styled them. Note how many compliments you got with this outfit and how you felt wearing it!

My Wardrobe is $0.99 in the Itunes store.


pose app

Pose is not so much about wardrobe organisation, but it will keep track of your outfits, as you can easily upload each outfit online and share with the world and your friends. Pose works more like a social network and is a fun way to browse your own and others’ outfits.

Pose can be downloaded for free from the Itunes store.

Will you use a closet organiser?

I have not actively started using one of these wardrobe organisers, apps and online managers, as I feel I have a pretty good overview of my closet. However, I do really like the idea of a calendar, so you know what you wore, when. It can also be very useful to know exactly what’s in your closet, so you don’t buy another t-shirt in the exact same colour as you already have.

What do you think? Would you use an online wardrobe organiser to keep track of clothes or when you wore them? Or perhaps you are already using one that you like?

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I actually think this could be helpful, as my wardrobe is a bit messy for the time being, being inbetween seasons (late and cold spring) and all. The one that appeals the most to me at the moment, is the HomyFadsWardrobe Manager, but one of the apps would definitely come in handy when shopping. Great tips, thanks Sylvia:)



I can’t use that one as it’s for windows and I’m a mac user, but may soon start to experiment with one of the phone apps…


megan, the frugalista diaries

such a great idea, god knows I need some help organizing!



Have fun trying out these apps!



Thanks for sharing …. guess what I’m going to be doing this afternoon? Trying out all these great sites and apps :)



Let me know your feedback Sharon. It will be great to know which ones you liked best. Have fun!



By request of former colleagues, I have put my outfit-of-the-day on Twitter for about a year. We all moved to different departments and they missed checking out me and my clothes in the morning (…). I took the photos with my iPhone3… Terrible. But they do give me a lot of outfit ideas. I am trying to label them Spring 1, Spring 2, Winter 1 etc. But this doesn’t work good enough as sometimes an outfit is preferably Autumn but can also be worn in Spring. Etc. But for now it will suffice. Because don’t forget.. .. in order to organize all your stuff online, you need to take photos of EVERYTHING. Even the thought wears me out.



I know. It can be a lot of work. But once you get it done, it might work really well. Pose could be a good app for you though as it is like a social network for outfit posts. Or keep on using the forum and refer them here :)



Thanks for the Hootsuite tip. I am now twittering with links yo your blog. See whether that brings any traffic. Have not got much followers, but you never know.



Any help is spreading the news about this blog is much appreciated! Thanks.


Cynthia @ Go Chic or Go Home

I am so flattered that you included us in the post, Sylvia. Thank you very much!

To all of your readers: Everyone is welcome in the Go Chic or Go Home community so please feel free to request an invite. :-)



My pleasure Cynthia. Wishing you good luck with your site!



also, check 123dressme iPhone app. It’s free and very fun to use


sarah is a really good site to organize your online fashion, you can see who is hanging similar items to you and it is really simple to use



Helpful and useful info. I just wish they offered Homyfads for Mac users.


Janet Meyer

I found another website ( and apps that helps to organize wardrobe, giveaway/share clothes and suggest what to wear based on weather and zipcode. I love it.



Closet Couture is closing at years end.



Great selection of apps. I would add Mod Man which is a style app for men. It is a wardrobe app but also you can do shopping the latest trends get style advice and more.

Stylicious is the women’s version of the app. Both work on Android and iOS7




Ah closet couture has closed. Great idea. I was going for that one!



I found your article recently and it sparked me such a great idea. Although the apps are outdated right now as it’s over a year old, this turned out to be a great exercise.

I’ve started using Pureple after trying handful of apps on iPhone. I liked it best among the closet organization or outfit planning apps out there. It’s free and does not ask you upgrade for essential features. I like the clutter free interface, and ability to remove backgrounds. And best of it, to be able to add items from web directly from the app. So far did not take single picture myself and got 60% of my closet already in Pureple using ‘add from web’ option. I also like that it lets me define my own categories. Highly recommend it for iPhone/iPad users.

Using an app to catalog/organize my closet helped me surprising ways. First, I am shopping much smarter now, knowing what I already have too much and what I am missing to make complete outfits for my existing clothes.
Next, I put together complete outfits. I found that those finishing touches e.g. perfect accessory to go with the outfit makes a huge difference. I also enjoy dressing and planning my outfits much more now.
Last, I was able to cut a lot of clutter during the process. It became naturally obvious what is needs to go and why.
It has been about a month and I did not even start using calendar and sharing options. If you are thinking whether to try, I strongly suggest so.
And thanks for the nice article!



Hi Amy, Great to read that this worked so well for you and thanks for the great feedback and review!


Lizzie in the Middle

I’ve been using StyleBook and finding it really quite useful as I can check the ap to see whether I have items in my existing wardrobe that will go with whatever it is I’m considering buying. In particular, I use it to check whether I have suitable shoes to wear with whatever it is. I have awful trouble finding shoes that fit me here in Singapore, a land filled with women who either have tiny feet or are willing to let their toes hang out of their sandals; also, I have a tendency to get hopelessly over-excited about shoes whenever I’m visiting a country where having a European size 41 foot doesn’t equate to being a major freak. StyleBook is going to help me to save piles of money, I’m sure it will, because I’ll be able to remind myself what I actually need and then concentrate on finding it.



Thanks for your feedback Lizzie. Yes, I heard good things about Stylebook. Some of the style course participants are very positive about the app. As for finding shoes in Singapore, it’s certainly not easy…. often have nice shoes and they often have bigger sizes too.


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