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40+Style inspiration and street fashion: fur coats | 40PlusStyle.com

As expressed at this photo of Linda Fargo wearing fur, I’m not a big fan of wearing fur. I have never owned anything fur and don’t plan to do so in the future. Yet there is no denying that many 40+women in New York embrace fur wholeheartedly. [click to continue…]


11 best streetstyle looks by women over 40 featuring prints | 40PlusStyle.com

Denton Taylor took so many fabulous photos of 40+ women during New York Fashion Week, it’s hard to decide which ones to feature first!

I thought it was time for a bit of color and print, so have a look at some of the best outfits featuring prints as worn by women over 40. [click to continue…]


Having fun doing a fashion swirl

You have got to love a woman who has fun with fashion and is happy to show off her fabulous swirling coat in its best light.

Straight coats may be in style right know but you can’t beat a tailored coat that accentuates the waist and lets you enjoy a little dance. [click to continue…]


40+ Style Inspiration: making a statement in all black | 40PlusStyle.com

As you know I think that most women over 40 benefit from adding at least a little color to their outfits. That said I enjoy a statement all black outfit like this one. [click to continue…]