What I Wore

Chanel Exhibition The Hague, The Netherlands

Yesterday I showed you what me and my friends wore to the Chanel exhibition in The Hague. Let’s look at the actual exhibition itself.  [click to continue…]

What we wore to the Coco Chanel Exhibition in The Hague

There was a exhibition on Coco Chanel in The Hague, The Netherlands, so me Saskia and Greetje decided to go and have a look. Of course it was a perfect opportunity to do some outfit of the day style photographs as well. [click to continue…]

New haircut and new dress

Followers on Instagram and Facebook already know that I have cut my hair yet again. It’s getting shorter and shorter… Will I end up with a really short pixy cut? Who knows, but my guess is no. Will it change yet again? Probably yes. I just can’t help but wanting something different every month! Sofar I have been very pleased with the cut, although I miss the convenience of putting my hair in a pony tail on bad hair days. I still need to acquire more fancy hats for those occasions! [click to continue…]

kitten heels

Last week I spoke about my personal dressing policy to wear my newest and nicest items as often as possible. That is exactly why I wore my golden silk top again, which you also voted as the most popular of my fashion week outfits. This week I remixed the top with my red Donna Karan skirt. I love the combination of red and gold/brown which you can also see in a more casual combination here and combined with an animal print belt.  [click to continue…]