What I Wore

All white with golden earrings | 40plusstyle.com

It has been a while ago since I wrote about my desire to wear more golden accessories. Although I have worn gold on occasion I still find more opportunities to wear statement jewelry or silver pieces. Not so today!  [click to continue…]

How to wear tunics or short dresses with pants | 40plusstyle.com

Wearing a tunic or short dress over skinnies and leggings is one of my favorite looks as I find it an easy, comfortable, flattering and often very stylish look to wear. When you check the What I wore section on this site you will find numerous examples.

This outfit formula can both be worn in a dressy way as well as casually chic. [click to continue…]

How to wear printed pants in a casual chic way | 40plusstyle.com

Today we are going to explore casual formula 3, printed pants with a top, in more detail.

Printed pants are still very much in fashion and they are fun to wear. However, I do see these pants as a trend that is not exactly within my personal style personality which is why I only own one pair. [click to continue…]

Comfortable pumps by Rockfort | 40plusstyle.com

I really wanted to get some pointy pumps into my wardrobe. However, my feet  did not agree as they simply did not fit into any of the pumps that took my fancy.

When I talked about this on my Facebook page recently, Shari came back to me saying that she recently found some really good and very comfortable pumps at Clarks. That got my attention. Who would have thought Clarks had pointy pumps? [click to continue…]