What I Wore

Heleen van der meer multiple colours bag

I mentioned before that I bought a bag from Heleen van der Meer in Holland. Well, today I can show it to you! Since I decided that you must all be getting bored with the photos on my balcony, I decided to find another location in Singapore where I could take pictures. Not such an easy task, as I, myself, was the photographer and I did not feel like having any onlookers. So, after my appointment in the city, I decided that I would try out the roof of the parking garage. [click to continue…]

Anna della Russo fashion shower

What do you all think of Anna Della Russo? The 50 year old queen of glam certainly puts the 40+ woman on the map and is currently collaborating with H&M.

Whatever you think of her style, you will just have to see her latest video for the brand. Only warning I will give you, is that you will be singing the tune from the video for a long time to come…. [click to continue…]

short tennis skirts

And I get the pleasure several times a week! Nothing quite beats wearing a ultra mini skirt when you are playing tennis in steaming Singapore. As you may know tennis is my exercize of choice and if I’m not injured (one of the major annoyances that comes with aging) you will find me on the courts 2 or 3 times per week. [click to continue…]

shorter haircut

As faitfhful readers will know, getting a haircut that I’m happy with, that is manageable and stylish, is always a challenge for me. My hair is thin and frizzes easily, certainly here in humid Singapore. Add to that my complete impatience with hairstyling (I like to get it ready in 5 minutes) and you can understand my challenge! [click to continue…]