What I Wore

Maurizio Galante fashion show

Last week I was invited to the presentation of Voila Singapore, a 2 week French extravaganza in Singapore that features art, film, food and of course fashion!

It was held at the mansion of the French Ambassador to Singapore, whose house was a treat in itself. As you can see his living room is big enough to stage a fashion show! Can you spot me? [click to continue…]

Pink Calvin Klein dress

I went to a rather ‘dangerous’ sale this last weekend. Club 21 was organising a huge designer label sale where a lot of my favorite brands were represented. I could not resist and decided to have a look. No surprise that I came away with quite a few goodies…. [click to continue…]

Red brown Mango top

Anja was back in town so it was time to catch up over lunch. Of course I had followed all her India adventures closely on her blog (and learned a lot about India in the process) but nothing beats face to face time. As always we took the opportunity to take some pictures as well. [click to continue…]

How to wear a dress different ways

Dresses are great garments. Rather than having to think what you need to wear, you can just pick a dress and put it on and you’re done! But dresses have one disadvantage. For people like me, who get very bored with an outfit very quickly, dresses are more difficult to remix.

Or are they?

I have actually found quite a few ways to remix my dresses so they appear fresh and new and look like a different outfit. [click to continue…]