Style icons to inspire you!

Diana Vreeland

Photos by Jonathan Becker and Hoiningen-Huene

When I came across this quote from Diana Vreeland,

“Too much good taste can be boring”

I knew I had to feature her as a style icon. [click to continue…]


Bill Cunningham

Sometimes I worry about the superficialness of fashion and whether or not I should be spending my time on more ‘important’ things. But then today I watched the amazing movie Bill Cunningham New York. And I was amazed.

Here is a man who is so humble, so endearing and yet all that seems to be important to him is his work and fashion. It was more important than love, money or anything. As he says: ‘it’s all about the clothes”. So today I’m featuring a different kind of fashion style icon: 84 year old street photographer Bill Cunningham who currently works for the New York Times. [click to continue…]


Post image for Style icon: Diane Keaton – Champion of the dandy style

Although Katherine Hepburn may have started the menswear inspired trend or dandy style, Diane Keaton was certainly one to champion it and bring it to the main stream with her iconic role as Annie Hall in the film that carries the same name. I am truly inspired on how well Diane Keaton ages in style and her continued fabulous dress sense. High time to feature her as a style icon! [click to continue…]


style icon isabella blow

Isabella Blow was a true style icon. I have just finished reading the book Blow by Blow from her husband Detmar Blow and thoroughly enjoyed it. As you know I’m currently very attracted to strong women that dare to dress differently. Isabella did so in spades and also wore the most outrageous hats throughout her life. [click to continue…]


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