Finding your style


If you have a look at some of the main style icons like Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, their eternal style is characterized by a very elegant look. Simple lines, not too many frills and signature pieces (like Jackie O’s sunglasses and Audrey Hepburn’s shawls). As you know I am a fan of both ladies. [click to continue…]


Do you blend in or stand out

I have talked before about the enormous amount of black and dark clothes on the streets in Europe. I imagine it’s similar in the colder US states.

I understand it. Really I do.

Dressing for the winter or colder weather is tough and black is just practical. It does not stain so much and goes with everything. I’m sure I would wear more black too in winter.

Or is there another reason that we all opt for the same kind of clothing? In summer it’s not that much different. [click to continue…]


Online style course: 10 steps to a more stylish you

How do you feel about your style right now?

Do you ever feel that you could look a lot better than you do?

Are you in style rut?

Or do you feel that your style has stagnated and is not evolving anymore?

Many women find themselves in this position.

Your life situation may have changed. [click to continue…]


Paying full price

For some time now there is been a huge trend in the blogoverse to applaud and be proud of thrift purchases. Many bloggers, including myself, proudly parade their amazing purchases at next to nothing prices. Many bloggers have added the ‘We shop secondhand first’ badge created by The Citizen Rosebud on their blogs.

It seems that we often only include the price of a new items if it was really cheap. I know I do this sometimes to show my readers that I’m not a rich, compulsory spender, but could not resist an item at a discount.  [click to continue…]