Finding your style

Paying full price

For some time now there is been a huge trend in the blogoverse to applaud and be proud of thrift purchases. Many bloggers, including myself, proudly parade their amazing purchases at next to nothing prices. Many bloggers have added the ‘We shop secondhand first’ badge created by The Citizen Rosebud on their blogs.

It seems that we often only include the price of a new items if it was really cheap. I know I do this sometimes to show my readers that I’m not a rich, compulsory spender, but could not resist an item at a discount.  [click to continue…]


Bauhaus and fashion Hussein Chalayan

Even though the Bauhaus school existed only for 14 years and closed 79 years ago, its influence is still felt today. Not only do you see Bauhaus influences in streets, interiors and furniture design, but also in the classroom where its teaching strategies are still commonly used. In fashion too, many designers are still inspired by the Bauhaus movement. [click to continue…]


How to wear colour over 40

Catherine is one of the most colourful, stylish bloggers I know. There is hardly a day when she does not wear colour, so who better to give us all a style lesson on how to wear colour than the amazing Catherine? I was delighted that she agreed to this interview. You will learn so much from her answers!

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Style in different countries

Do you have a clear sense of your personal style? And does it change, depending on the country you live in? I have lived in more than 7 countries, and looking back on living in all those places, I would say that the place you live in always has an effect on your style. Now that I write about style and fashion all the time, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on how different my style was in each country I lived in. I will highlight a few. [click to continue…]