10 steps to refining your style | a style course by

I’m very excited to announce my second style course on this site today.

After the very successful 10 Steps to a More Stylish You, there is now the follow up course 10 Steps to Refining Your Style[click to continue…]


Wearing color and print with red and purple flowers |

Red is still one of my go-to colors and I really like the combination of red and purple. [click to continue…]


Ageless style inspiration: black and white layers and textures

I love this look and think it’s a perfect example of ageless style. [click to continue…]


How to improve your Outfit Of The Day photos |

This is a guest article by Denton Taylor

Over the last months you have been able to admire the fabulous photographs Denton Taylor has been taking for this blog. For a quick overview just click here.

I asked him to share some of his photography tips, so we can all learn from him and take better pictures ourselves. So without further ado, here is Denton! [click to continue…]