red skirt and mustard top plus the elements of style |

Today I’m showing 2 pieces from my wardrobe that have been worn quite a few times on this site before. Yes, ladies I’m shopping my closet! [click to continue…]


Making a style statement with your clothes |

I talked a lot about knowing your style and having confidence in your dressing this week.

These ladies are doing just that. [click to continue…]


Discovering your own unique style after 40 and wearing what you like |

Whenever I or others bring up dressing after 40, and what we are supposed and not supposed to do, it can lead to lively debate. Either on this blog or elsewhere on the net. [click to continue…]


Doing what you like on a scateboard

This week, as I’m launching my second course 10 Steps to Refining Your Style, it’s all about discovering and celebrating your own unique personal style at 40+Style.

It’s about celebrating confidence in who you are and having that reflected in your style and the way you present yourself to the world. [click to continue…]