fashionable women over 40

Have you visited my 40+ Bloggers community lately? Almost 200 bloggers are already on the list and you can order them by blog name, author name, category and now also country.

There are bloggers on this list from all over the world and it occurred to me what a pity it was that I did not keep track of the location of the blog. That is all about to change!

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White dress with black leggings

Today I feature 2 items I hardly ever wear, namely a white dress and black leggings.

I hardly ever wear long leggings because I’m not a huge fan of them and secondly because they are simply too hot for Singapore! However, on this occasion I was going to the cinema where the indoor temparature is freezing cold.

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How to wear white pants

I love wearing white. I find it such a fresh, modern and easy to combine colour, that white pants have become the ultimate basic in my wardrobe. If I don’t know what to wear, I grab one of my white trousers and either combine it with a top, dress, blouse or jacket. There are just so many ways to wear you white pants and today I’d like to highlight a few options. [click to continue…]

psychology of colour

“The deepest and truest secrets of colour effect are invisible even to the eye and are beheld by the heart alone”

Johannes Itten

Isn’t colour just the most wonderful thing?  Doesn’t a place look that much nicer when you add a bit of colour?

Colour can also really influence your mood. And as such you can use it as a tool to influence it. We tend to pick our clothes each morning for the mood that we are in. If I am feeling particularly happy I will normally choose something colourful to wear. And if I”m feeling a bit down, I will probably want to hide a bit from the world and would go for something black.

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