Fabulous design and fabulous clothes at In Situ Singapore

Recently I was invited to the opening of In Situ Design a new design concept showroom and shop in Singapore focussing on art and interior design. It is a collaboration between creative director Isabelle Persenda and Eric Ledoigt who founded In Situ in Guatemala. In Situ features creative concepts by talented international designers and artists. [click to continue…]

Looking good from the front and back

Is it ok to like a garment better from the back? Not really. It’s all about your face right? That is where the focus should be and what you want to highlight. But well, every now and then you just have a garment that you just like better from the back, like this dress I bought together with Greetje in Amsterdam. [click to continue…]

Do you blend in or stand out

I have talked before about the enormous amount of black and dark clothes on the streets in Europe. I imagine it’s similar in the colder US states.

I understand it. Really I do.

Dressing for the winter or colder weather is tough and black is just practical. It does not stain so much and goes with everything. I’m sure I would wear more black too in winter.

Or is there another reason that we all opt for the same kind of clothing? In summer it’s not that much different. [click to continue…]



Some of you have told me that you are keen to see how I dress in winter. However, since I have not shopped for winter clothes for 7 (!) years, winter dressing is never going to be all that exciting for me. Add to that, that I get cold easily and the options for fashionable winter dressing are very slim indeed.

Still, I thought you may like to see how I packed for my recent winter holiday. Above you can see my process of choosing outfits that all mix and match. Not everything I packed is included above, but a lot of it is and you will get a general idea. [click to continue…]