Attention New York Fashion week with a friend |

Attending New York Fashion week is even more fun when you go with a friend, a daughter or sibling. These women had twice the fun!  [click to continue…]


How to create 3 unique outfits with contemporary jewelry from Boticca |

Long-time readers will know that I’m a big fan of contemporary jewelry. It has been a while since I prominently featured contemporary jewelry designers on this site, so I was very pleased to do a collaboration with one of the best online stores for contemporary jewelry: Boticca. [click to continue…]

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The best graphical outfits as worn by women during New York fashion week |

I’m always attracted to the graphical look. I love graphical prints and love combining different ones together.

These 8 outfits all have something graphical about them. [click to continue…]

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How does it feel wearing someone else's clothes? |

Anja had a great idea for an experiment.

Why not try on each other’s clothes and see what it feels like? Would it feel very different? Would we discover new things about ourselves or would it just confirm our own style preferences?

And how would the other person feel seeing their friend in their clothes? [click to continue…]

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