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Links with style November 16

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Some stylish reading pleasure

Be inspired by these beautiful outfits, amazing photography, art and fashion, a woman doing pilates while 100 years old and beautiful nail art. [click to continue…]

Links with style

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the guernsey literary and pottato peel pie society

I haven’t done much online reading this week as I’m on holiday in The Philippines so no links with style this week. Instead I will leave you with a gem of a book that I’ve read this week.

The Guernsey literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is an absolute delight. Written in the form of letters, it tells the story of Juliet Ashton, a successful writer who is looking for new inspiration for a book.

A chance letter from a stranger brings her on a new path of discovery about Guernsey and their Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. In her quest to learn more about this society, she gets to know all its members and their remarkable stories about  their time during the German occupation and their lives on the island.

This will lead Juliet on a remarkable path and change her life forever. This story really has everything: beautiful storytelling, wit, romance and history. [click to continue…]