Links with Style

Links with style

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m heading for Europe on Sunday night. I have spent part of the day trying on and packing winter clothes and I’m excited to start wearing them in the coming weeks. My travel capsule mainly consists of black, white, grey and red this time. Perhaps a bit boring, but certainly very practical! And very different from the last time I visited winter (2 years ago when I wore a mainly brown and nature color palette). [click to continue…]

Style inspiration and Pinterest

This week I will introduce you to some looks that have inspired me lately. I have actually all “pinned” them to my Pinterest board. Pinterest is a service where you can ‘pin’ everything that inspires you from outfits, to products, to home decoration. For now I have only focussed on fashion and I don’t have a whole lot of boards yet, but I have found it a fun and quick way to keep track of my favorite things. [click to continue…]

40+ bloggers with style!

I normally list my favorite links on Saturday, but this time I want to do something special. I have been working on a list where I list all the blogs of women over 40 I encountered. It’s great for me to have this on my site, as I can easily visit them and remember their names and I thought it would be a great resource for my readers too.

I’m also doing something new tomorrow in which I hope you can all participatie (bloggers and non bloggers) so be sure to watch out for that. [click to continue…]

Zara style and Duran Duran

This Saturday there is only 1 link, featuring yours truly in a new outfit and a new hat. I could not resist finally getting a tight pencil skirt and this simple black and white T. It’s all Zara and you can check it out at Style-Anywhere. Other than that I will leave you to enjoy this wonderful video from Duran Duran featuring some of the major super models of the eighties. [click to continue…]