Links with Style


The results of my testing of Beaute Pacifique, a new way to shorten your jeans, my giveaway and more… [click to continue…]

Links with style

A few notes on what has been happening this week. I have been pinning quite a lot of my favorite looks, so if you’re not following me on Pinterest yet, be sure to do so!

I have also setup an Instagram account for 40PlusStyle, so be sure to check that out and follow me as well. I’m actually currently participating in the February Photo a day challenge, just for fun. [click to continue…]

Inspirational women

This week I want to highlight a few blogs I have been (quietly) following for a while. They can offer some inspiration for the new year! [click to continue…]


This week I’m honored that my post on my drape dress was selected as one of the links a la mode. A weekly summary by Independent Fashion Bloggers of the best posts of that week. Thanks so much IDP. Find below a list of all selected and be sure to check them out. [click to continue…]