How to dress over 40

How to dress for a christmas party

The season of christmas parties is approaching and the inevitable question is what to wear? This is actually not a very easy question to answer because every country and culture is so different and so is every party. So in this article I will give you some options: [click to continue…]


how to find the perfect bra for my outfit

Bras can make or break an outfit. Getting the right fit will lift your boobs, create a nicer silhouette, create a streamlined upper body and can make you feel all-round comfortable. So here are some tips on how to find the right bra for your outfit. [click to continue…]


kitten heels

Last week I spoke about my personal dressing policy to wear my newest and nicest items as often as possible. That is exactly why I wore my golden silk top again, which you also voted as the most popular of my fashion week outfits. This week I remixed the top with my red Donna Karan skirt. I love the combination of red and gold/brown which you can also see in a more casual combination here and combined with an animal print belt.  [click to continue…]

Questions and answers on how to dress after 40

Women arrive at my site through a lot of different questions. Of course many of these questions are already addressed and you can see some of the most popular ones on my category page on how to dress after 40.

But here are some more specific questions from (new)readers that I would like to respond to today. [click to continue…]