How to dress over 40

What kind of shopper are you? |

Patti from the fabulous blog Not Dead Yet Style wrote an article a while ago titled What are we waiting for? It related to why some of us just don’t buy the things that we really like to have.

I thought this was such an interesting topic and wanted to bring it up on 40PlusStyle as well. [click to continue…]


Do your clothes need to be figure flattering all the time? |

During our blogger’s get-together I received feedback from both Suzanne and Anja that they often miss seeing my body in my clothes. They like to see me more in figure enhancing clothes that especially highlight my waist.

Now, I’m all for figure flattery and clothes that highlight those parts of your body that you are most happy with. It’s an important part of my style courses as well as the many articles on this site. [click to continue…]


Flats or pumps - What looks better with this outfit? |

Do you go into a debate with yourself on wether to wear flats or heels?

I do this on a regular basis. Do I go for comfort or a nicer leg line? Am I willing to sacrifice some comfort for a slightly fancier look? Do I really sacrifice style when I’m wearing flats?
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What to wear to a funeral |

This is not the most happiest of subjects to write about but when I recently unexpectedly had to attend the funeral of a close relative, I realised that this is an important topic that needs to be addressed on this site. [click to continue…]