How to dress over 40

What to wear to a funeral |

This is not the most happiest of subjects to write about but when I recently unexpectedly had to attend the funeral of a close relative, I realised that this is an important topic that needs to be addressed on this site. [click to continue…]


wrap dresses for women over 40 |

Diane von Furstenberg’s famous wrap dress turned 40 this year! That is a good reason to celebrate as this dress is just so perfect for many women over 40.

It’s hard to imagine actually that a dress that is so common and successful today is actually ONLY 40 years old. [click to continue…]

How to wear casual clothes over 40 - summer edition |

Casual wear has become much more common over the years even to the point that I would wish we dressed up a bit more often. However, there are many situations where it is just more appropriate and fun to dress in a casual way. [click to continue…]

How to wear short boxy jackets

Spring is in full swing, so it is time to look at the trends and how we can incorporate them into our wardrobes.

Short and boxy jackets were a big trend on the runways and they are starting to filter into the shops as well. [click to continue…]