How to dress over 40

how to dress mother of the bride

I have never addressed the topic of dressing for you son’s or daughter’s wedding before so I was delighted that I got contacted by Riva to see if I could write about their range of products. This website stocks both casual and formal wear and  has a great range of mother of the bride outfits. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to tackle this topic on 40+Style.

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can women over 40 wear red lipstick?

The ever ongoing discussion on what you can and cannot do after 40 has popped up agan. This time in an article at Yahoo Shine, that was based on research done among 40+ women on age appropriate dressing.  That article  attracted more than 7700 comments already! Many from women that were outraged by some of the article’s statements. [click to continue…]


how to dress for large bust

Women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you will need to decide which parts of  your body you want to highlight and which you want to downplay. Only you can decide this for yourself. For example, if you are adorned with a large bust, some of you may want to downplay this while others may want to celebrate this part of your body and  accentuate it. Today I will look at some ways on how you can dress when you have a large bust. [click to continue…]


skirts worn with woollen sweaters

Last week I gave you some affordable options for what to wear to christmas parties. I gave you the more traditional options of beautiful dresses, sparkly tops and combinations with pants.

However, if you are like me (and very quickly get cold in low temperatures), you may just want to be comfortable and warm this Christmas. And now you don’t even have to sacrifice your style do so. Today I present you with a very hip, yet super comfy and warm option for your Christmas parties and even Christmas itself. [click to continue…]