Fall Winter 2012

Although you can have lots of style without indulging in fashion, it’s too much fun not to do do. Here we discuss the trends and fashion of Fall and Winter 2012. Some articles to get you started:


How to wear green

Pantone has announced the colour of the year of 2013 and I’m not really surprised that it is green, Emerald Green to be precise. I’ve been singing the praise of green for quite a while now and you may want to have a look at previous articles on this colour. Hey I was even wearing green in yesterday’s outfit. [click to continue…]

Alexis Mabille fashion show singapore

As you all know I visited French couture week last week which is part of Fide Fashion Weeks here in Singapore. I interviewed Gustavo Lins and saw his show as well as 2 other shows by Christophe Josse and Alexis Mabille. Both shows included exquisite fashion and pieces I would love to own.

As well as showing you the fashion today of the runways, I will also feature the fashion of the people that visited the show and some of the people I met. Meeting wonderful people and admiring their outfits is almost as much fun as watching the shows! [click to continue…]

Atelier Gustavolins - interview with gustavo lins

2 weeks ago I already introduced you to haute coutourier Gustavo Lins, one of only 12 exclusive members to The chambre syndicale de la haute couture in Paris. I had the great pleasure to both interview him and see his presentation at French Couture week in Singapore this week, where  he showed a total of 34 outfits, 23 for women and 11 for men. The house of Gustavo Lins currently makes 2 haute couture collections, 2 ready-to-wear collections for women and 2 ready-to-wear collections for men each year. [click to continue…]

Christmas party outfits for women over 40

Update: for an updated list and ideas and suggestions for this year also see how to dress for a christmas party in 2013!

Christmas is fast approaching and with it Christmas parties. So what will you wear this year? I had a look online for some affordable options. [click to continue…]