Fashion over 40

the best man coats

The oversized straight coat, also referred to as the man coat is one of the hottest trends this season. If I had a need for a winter coat at all, I would be very tempted to add one to my wardrobe. [click to continue…]

fide fashion weeks singapore - Japanese couture night

Since we were talking about translating runway looks yesterday, I thought I’d treat you to a few more of those. Fide Fashion Week is currently taking place in Singapore and a few days ago I attended the Japanese couture night. Here are just a few looks of the 3 designers that showed their collections that night. [click to continue…]

Fall 2013 jewelry trends

Although I have featured an extensive range of modern contemporary jewelry, I have never discussed fine and precious jewelry. The kind of jewelry you wear to those really special occasions and that can make you feel like royalty for a day. It was therefore a pleasure to be invited by local private jeweller The Jewel Box to visit their gallery and look at some of the latest jewelry trends. [click to continue…]

Pakistan fashion designers

As most of you will know, I live in Singapore. Singapore is a melting pot of several cultures with the Chinese culture and community being the largest. Then there is the Malay community, the Indian community and the Caucasians (me). The latter being the smallest.

The Indian community in Singapore is very strong and they have their own little India. They represent the largest group at the international school which my son attends, so I interact with them quite a lot. They usually dress in ‘western attire’ but when they have a celebration or ‘dress up’, they usually go for the traditional Indian style of dress. [click to continue…]