Fall / Winter 2011

colorful print jackets for winter

As I live in a sunny climate where colors are abundant, I was quite shocked of how drab and somber everything looked on the streets of Europe. There was hardly any color to be found on the streets, where everyone seemed to wear boring coats in dark colors. Black was the norm with the¬†occasional¬†brown and grey. [click to continue…]

Polka Dot Fall trend 2011

Marc Jacobs featured the Polka Dot in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes in his 2011 fall collection, and the Polka Dot trend has now become one of the most popular trends this fall in the bloghosphere. Marc Jacobs highlighted that the polka dot can be very chic indeed. Note the chic hem lines and lovely silluettes? [click to continue…]

Favorite trenfs fall 2011

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The shops are starting to fill up with the latest clothes from the Fall 2011 collection. I’ve already highlighted some of my favorite dresses for women over 40, but let’s have a look in more detail on how we can wear the latest trends this fall. [click to continue…]

Teal the trendy new colour this season

This season is all about COLOUR. And one of the hottest colours is teal. I absolutely adore this colour (my yesterday’s dress was similar) but as you don’t see this colour in the stores so often, I don’t have any accessories or bags in this colour. So I had a look at the Zappos store to see what they have in teal. Here are some of the lovely things I found: [click to continue…]