Fashion over 40

What to buy over 40

In this section I am looking at how we can translate the lastest fashion trends into practical and stylish outfits for women over 40. I’m scouting for the best shops and the best designs available online and the high street stores.

I have created a list of the best online shops for women over 40.

I also keep track of all my favorite products, which you can buy right now in the 40+Style shop.

Have fun shopping!

spring and summer 2014 flat shoe trends |

After discussing the mid heel shoe trends recently, it’s now time for the more comfortable flats. [click to continue…]


How to wear pastels: lots of ideas and inspiration |

Pastels is one of the major trends this season, but many women (including myself) find wearing pastels a challenge. They can wash you out, look too ‘sweet’ or take you back to your children’s years!

So today I will offer some tips and inspiration on how to wear pastels over 40 in a stylish & chic way. [click to continue…]


12 fashion trends for fall / winter 2014 |

If you have been following along on my Fall 2014 trends Pinterest board or Facebook page, you know that the past week was New York Fashion Week where the new collections were shown for Fall 2014.

Although we will mainly be talking about the upcoming spring and summer season the coming months, it’s still fun to have a look at what’s coming ahead. [click to continue…]


How to wear these pastel runway looks for much less |

Pastels are one of the major trends for spring 2014. Let’s look at how we can wear this trend for less.

Above are 2 runway looks from Burberry and Jill Sander. Here is how you could translate this look. [click to continue…]