Fashion over 40

What to buy over 40

In this section I am looking at how we can translate the lastest fashion trends into practical and stylish outfits for women over 40. I’m scouting for the best shops and the best designs available online and the high street stores.

I have created a list of the best online shops for women over 40.

I also keep track of all my favorite products, which you can buy right now in the 40+Style shop.

Have fun shopping!

New fashion finds: bags at Blueprint - Matter Matter |

A beautiful leather bag is a great addition to your outfit. A good quality bag does not need to be as expensive as the latest Gucci bag. Here are some bag designers spotted at Singapore’s trade show Blueprint. [click to continue…]


Oscar de la Renta Fashion show in Singapore |

The second show I attended at Singapore’s Audi Fashion week was the Oscar de la Renta show. I could not resist getting a closeup look at the designs and gowns of this famous American designer.  [click to continue…]

Bracelet from the House of Serafina |

Isabelle Persenda, the owner of In Situ in Singapore is a smart woman. Her interior design shop is one year old and instead of just celebrating with a simple party in her shop, she invited some great designers over from The Philippines to showcase their jewelry and fashion.

She knew that people like myself and Anja can’t resist discovering new designers so we accepted her invitation to come and have a look. [click to continue…]

Thomas Tait fashion show in Singapore

I know that many of you are not really into fashion shows. You find the fashion too far fetched, too expensive or the models too thin. All of that is often true of course, but I STILL like to show you the pictures of a recent fashion show I attended at Singapore’s annual Audi Fashion Festival.

As some of you DO really appreciate these kind of shows as much as I do and have written to me how inspirational you found pictures I shared from previous shows like those of Guo Pei. [click to continue…]