Beauty and health over 40

Beauty over 40Although the main topic of this blog is fashion and style for women over 40, I also write about beauty, health and confidence.

Being healthy and having confidence contributes significantly to your overall style and well-being in my opinion, so it deserves some attention.

Here are just some of the topics we covered:

Further articles can be found below. Enjoy!

How to prepare for a glamour photoshoot and why you should have one after 40! |

As you know we believe that style only gets better with age. And in many ways so does a woman’s beauty. It should therefore be captured at all ages.

Glamour photo shoots offer women just that. [click to continue…]

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How to conceal a spot, scar or other blemish with makeup: the art of disguise |

A great makeup artist can make any scar disappear. However, for most of us, it can seem like we are simply drawing more attention to it. So how do you conceal a spot, breakout or troublesome scar?

These are my tips on how to best conceal them. [click to continue…]

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