Beauty and health over 40

Beauty over 40Although the main topic of this blog is fashion and style for women over 40, I also write about beauty, health and confidence.

Being healthy and having confidence contributes significantly to your overall style and well-being in my opinion, so it deserves some attention.

Here are just some of the topics we covered:

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How to use mascara |

Mascara has long been the favorite type of makeup for many women. It is designed to thicken or define the eyelashes and may also colour, lengthen or curl them, depending upon the type you choose.

Today, there are a huge variety of Mascaras available [click to continue…]


How to get frizz free hair in summer |

Your hair frames your face so it is important that it looks the best it can be. Earlier Anja shared her tips on how to manage curly hair and control the frizz. But here are also my personal tips for the best hair products to give you luscious and fizz-free hair! [click to continue…]


Makeup that stays put in summer |

When the weather gets hotter, it becomes increasingly difficult to make your makeup last the whole day. Here are some of my tips to make sure that your makeup stays put and lasts the whole day! [click to continue…]


women with long silver hair |

Our series on celebrating women’s gray hairstyles continues (earlier features include long hair part 1, middle long hair and short gray hair) with some more women sporting gorgeous long silver hair. Some of our readers joined in the fun and shared their pictures as well.

Enjoy! [click to continue…]