Fabulous sale: top brands at up to 80% off – here is my edit

by Sylvia

Top brands super sale | 40plusstyle.com

I almost feel like I cheated you out of a beautiful skirt.

Many of you like to purchase clothes that I wear and are often disappointed because quite often the looks I wear are old and no longer available online. I always try and find the pieces online though and sometimes I will try and find you alternatives.

When I featured one of my favorite skirts last week, I searched online to see if the Preen skirt was still available. It was not, but I did find a skirt that seemed to be of the same model in a different print at the Yoox sale. Just as I was copying the link to add it to the article as an alternative for my skirt, I noticed that there was only one left. I’m normally not tempted by this as it is difficult for me to buy online from the US. Shipping costs are high and returns are difficult so I can often only admire all the beautiful pieces I find from a distance.

This skirt was perfect though and it looked very similar in model as my beloved Preen skirt. I thought it may be from the same series. I checked the size of my skirt. It was the same size that was still available online. I decided to risk it!

It just arrived and even though the fit is a bit more snug than my current one, it fits perfectly. The fabric and print are just divine. The quality is superb. You can see my sneak preview on Instagram.

It reminded me that well-designed pieces in good quality are truly special. It made me realise that I really should aim to own fewer pieces but pieces I truly love that are of high quality.

I could not resist and had a look at other items on sale in the same online sale and there are a lot of pieces that are very tempting, so I thought I would share them with you.

Here is a selection of quality pieces that I feel would make great additions to your wardrobe. They are all on sale (many for up to 80% off) and many of these pieces could be worn for a very long time! All of these items are from top brands such as Armani, Jill Sander and Lanvin. This is just a small collection and naturally sizes are limited so you may want to check out the complete sale at Yoox.

Do you invest in quality pieces? Do you keep an eye on favorite high quality pieces and try to get them in the sales?


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I’ve been checking the YOOX sale too – so many great pieces. I love the Moschino bag.

Greetje Kamminga

That is funny. I got this address just this morning from another friend. Their sales is amazing!! Such good stuff for a fraction of the original price. And good luck with your skirt. It would not have fitted me anyway haha.

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