Best hip shoes with arch support

by Sylvia

best arch support shoes for women over 40 |

We recently talked about the best shoe trends for fall where we also showed you lots of fabulous shoes that you can buy right now.

However, if your feet need more support than the super trendy shoes can offer, you may like to check our updated tips and ideas for the best shoes with arch support.

Also, if you have a great experience with shoes that offer great support, be sure to add your comments to this article so it becomes a great overall resource! (more than 100 comments and recommendations already).

Many of us need shoes with arch support. On this page I offer a great selection of hip and comfortable shoes with arch support as well as a list of brands that are recommended by readers. As we are now approaching warmer weather this page will now contain many of the best arch support shoes for the spring / summer season. I have left some of the great fall shoes as well for those of you in the Southern hemisphere.

In addition, this article also has many valuable comments from readers who offer great tips on how to deal with problematic feet. They also suggested more great brands that offer good arch support shoes. I have incorporate most of their recommended brands into the list.

I hope you will keep sending me your best tips as well of the best shoes that you may have found that were comfortable or offered you great support! I can then add them to the list as well.

Shoes with arch support

I know that many women over 40 suffer from foot problems that require shoes with more arch support. It’s one of the unfortunate annoyances that often comes with ageing. Wearing shoes with arch support may actually be a good preemptive step, as it is estimated that over 80% of the population will end up with foot problems, which are largely due to poor footwear.

Why is Arch Support Important?

A shoe with good arch support reduces muscle strain and helps you to maintain balance. It can also reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis, which is a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia, the connective tissue on the sole (bottom surface) of the foot. It is often caused by overuse of the plantar fascia or arch tendon of the foot. It is a very common condition and can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly. Another common term for the affliction is “policeman’s heel”.

A good support shoe is rigid enough to support the arch, yet offers just enough flexibility to allow the foot to naturally flex.

Will insoles work to provide the needed support?

Another way to provide more arch support is to work with insoles like these ones from Birkenstock. These are very affordable and you may be able to use use them with your existing shoes, even though high quality orthopaedic shoes are recommended. Experiment with insoles to see if they fit in your current shoes and if they provide enough support before changing all your shoes! I have included some options in the list below.

Can you wear shoes with arch support and still look great?

‘Sensible’ shoes do tend to be a bit more boring and are slightly more aging. However, more and more manufacturers are paying attention to this problem now and the shoes on this list all look good. Shoe brands like Ecco, Fly London, Naot Footwear, Earthies and Keen have started to create really nice shoes!

The key is to find shoes that are just slightly different, have a hip vibe to them and are just a bit more funkier than the regular ‘sensible’ shoe. You may like to get inspired by the latest shoe trends.

One of my favorite confortable shoe brands is Fly London. Have a look at how I have worn my super comfortable Yala wedge from Fly London many times.

shoes with arch support |

I have recently also added this one to my collection.

Best shoes with arch support for older women |

A few Fly London shoes for fall/winter 2017

For my New York trip I acquired shoes from Wolky which have been very comfortable for walking around the city.

The best hip shoes with arch support

Below you will find a list of recommended brands that offer comfortable shoes and shoes with arch support. My personal favorites are Ecco and Fly London.

Recommended brands include:

If you like to add your recommendations as well, you can still do so through the comments below.

Please note that many of the shoes featured below come in several color options, so if you like a model, please make sure to click through and see if they have your desired color.

Here are some of my personal favorites

I would love to hear from you! Do you need shoes with arch support? Which are your favorite brands? 


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I have a pair of both Kalso Earth and Birkenstocks for walking in my neighborhood. I live literally 5 houses away from the grocery store, bank, home improvent store and drug store and quite often slip them on for a quick walk. I also have sciatica so when that flairs up, which isn’t too often these days, I switch to much more supportive shoes and I do use orthotics in most of my boots.


Thanks for the feedback Tracey!


I have just come across the most amazing shoes with arch support, Ziera, from New Zealand. They can be purchased mainly on the west coast or on line. I got a pair of heels for my son’s wedding and they have……wait for it……removable foot bed for use of an orthotic as needed but honestly I don’t think I will use mine as the one in the heel is so good. I suffer from plantar fascilitis and have tried so many shoes that seemed promising…these deliver. Plus you can get them in wide.


Great feedback Nancy. Thanks for sharing it!


I need shoes with arch support so I’ve done a lot of searching in the past few years. I’m wearing Earthies for dressers shoes and can wear them when I’m standing all day. They have a high arch support and may not be for everyone, but I find them both comfortable and stylish.

blue hue wonderland


Great to know that Earthies are good Ann! Thanks for letting us know.

Rita A.

I guess my arches are OK since I don’t need to seek out shoes that are known for their support, but I do appreciate a well-crafted shoe that is comfortable for all-day wear. Ballet flats that I wear all have a slight heel and sturdy sole. The super flat ones make my feet ache after a while. One brand of “comfort shoe” that I do like is Paul Green. It’s a Munich-based company which manufactures shoes in Austria. Some seasons are hit and miss, some looking more “comfort” focused than others, but they often have nice sandals that are also cute. Like AGL flats, Paul Green is a brand that I can trust for never wearing a blister and always being comfortable after wearing many hours.


Great to know Rita. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!


You would think that some entrepreneur discovers this market opportunity. Perhaps Ecco? As I don’t like any of them. (My apologies to those who cannot wear anything else.) I have “solved” my feet problems by seeking shoes half a size bigger which can hold my custom-made support soles. Not many can. Ofter they are not wide enough. Or you slip at the back because your heel is too high up (or the heel of the shoe too low whichever way you look at it) when you put your soles in them. High heeled summer shoes or open flat shoes cannot hold support soles.
Still I managed to find a couple of cute ballerina’s (Tommy Hilfiger ones are good for me), brogues, sneakers with removable foot bed (Kennel and Schmenger) and of course flat boots. Which is a bit of a problem in summer. Hence my preference for white boots (slowly going off them LOL).
I don’t have to wear my soles all of the time, but I alternate quite often.


That must be a challenge, but you seem to succeed as you always wear nice shoes!


I have to use orthotic inserts in my shoes and have for 7 years so have been on the hunt for
cute shoes the whole time. In the last year I have found Abeo shoes at the Walking Company shoe store. They have two foot bed types, one with a high arch and one that is a bit lower. I can wear these shoes all day without my custom orthotics. They have a number of cute styles available. I have also had good luck with Orthoheel sandals, Keen and once in a while, Clarks.


Great feedback Cyndee. Thanks!


I too wear the Abeo shoes from the Walking Company. I use the one with the metatarsal support. They are wonderful. Also use Orthaheel sandals, Danskos. Plus New Balance Ultra-arch inserts have helped tremendously.


Great feedback. Thanks LuAnn!


I should wear them, but I don’t. All I can say is: ugly, uglier, ugliest:-(. Too bad.


Oh you’re tough. Some of these are actually quite nice!


Ok, the Earthies are acceptable, I’ll give you that;-).


I work mostly from home, where I stick with my Birkenstocks. I think this has kept my feet in good shape. However, when I head out the door, I prefer something more current. I refuse to wear shoes that are painful, or are difficult to walk in for any reason. Still, I have lots to choose from flat sandals to 4” sandals and all are very comfortable for hours without looking frumpy in the least. I find that this is the one category of clothing where cost and comfort are often closely linked. I have found good deals on eBay. Recently, I got some brand new $600 Prada sandals for less than $100. They are fantastic in design, and all day comfortable.
I do a lot of walking for exercise; usually an hour a day. I am experimenting with Vibram barefoot sandals, and so far, I like them. It feels a bit like a yoga workout for my feet.

Rita A.

Score! on those Pradas, Christina. 🙂

Anyi Lu (used to work for Taryn Rose) also makes really well constructed shoes with good support They are usually very fashionable and don’t look like comfort shoes at all. I have several pair (one slingbacks and one heeled oxford) both about 2.5″ heels that are dreamy to wear! I’ve seen some cute sandals this season, too. Cost a bit more, but really, they are the only feet we’ve got, right??


Just looked at the Anyi Lu website. They do look really nice! We are SO limited here in Montreal I’m afraid. Most of my best shoes were ordered online, or from trips to NYC.


Oh.. Flip!!! Never leave the comment box while you are in the middle. You’ll lose everything you have typed so far…. OK.. Again.
I had a look at Anyi Lu website as well and those shoes are much, much better than the usual ones. Especially the Lola in orange is adorable.
And I agree that money invested in good quality shoes is money well spent. But… Christina…. Unfortunately not every manufacturer spends the extra they charge on the quality of the shoe. Sometimes they only enrich themselves. Even good brands like Louboutin or Blahnik have shoes you cannot walk on. Probably to satisfy the need of women who only want the brandname and demand ridiculously high shoes.
I have a pair of Prada pumps myself (the only ones of name) and I have to admit that they are very good.


All great feedback girls! Thanks!


I suffer fr plantar facilitis on and off. It was first brought about by walking around in flat sandals in New York. I bought a pair of ecco shoes which has been great. I call them my ugly traveling shoes. Used them again when I was traveling in Europe in April and walked all over the place. Still had to buy the Orthotic inserts though. So pleased that you have finally put up some possibilities for us. Will look at yr suggestions. I hope they have narrow fittings. Not only am I a size 8 but my feet are narrower than most people!


Great you like the feature Chris and thanks for your feedback. I will need some good walking shoes for my holidays as well, although I have recently also bought some sneakers for that.


Has anyone ever tried Arche brand shoes? if so, what is the support and footbed padding like?


I find arche awful personally. Have tried a few pairs and was willing to invest $ in them but they are a pain to care for (special sprays/ you have to bring them back to arche for repair etc…) AND they did not provide good support for me. My feet hurt.


Most people with condition also need a wide width which doesn’t work with just any wide shoes which tend to expensive as well not as much as an orthopedic shoe. It is suggested that you buy shoes more often; which, can be an issue if you have a tight wallet. I bought a pair of aerosoles in a wide width to save some money and they are not wide enough for my foot.


I’m sorry, but pronated ankles don’t have anything to do with the width of your feet. I have narrow feet, as do my children, and we have a difficult time not only finding narrows, but narrow with good arch support. I have 2-3 pads in my shoes to make them fit and be comfortable. I just bought my first pair of taos and second pair of Keen. MOST shoes touting arch support, I can put shove 3 fingers in, along with my foot. Happy Shopping!

Kay Elizabeth Kerns

I have a super comfy and cute pair of Naturalizer sandals I found brand new at a Goodwill store


I have a high arch plus a hammertoe on one foot due to wearing those cute and sexy heels for so many years. About 15 years ago I decided I was tired of ruining my feet because male shoe designers and men in general, seem to prefer those high heeled shoes, (I like to compare it to the past practice in China of binding women’s feet to keep them small and to keep women submissive :-). I started to listen to my feet and all foot issues stopped being issues. It has not always been easy to find stylish comfortable shoes but I believe designers are becoming more aware of the importance of erogonomically designed shoes. I have tried all of the manufacturers shown above, some are in my closet right now. They are all very good and I have had compliments on many that I have bought so they could not be too ugly and matronly looking. Some of my favorites as far as comfort are the Archopedico’s, Earthies, Think (not mentioned above) and Ecco. Also, Born makes some great flats with fabric lining and added arch support. Mephisto was not listed but are great walking shoes, we have worn ours on trips to Europe and San Francisco where we do a lot of walking. Tried the ortho inserts and found that they reduce the toe box in closed shoes rendering them uncomfortable for me therefore I search endlessly for nice looking comfortable shoes that do not require an insert. When you think about how important our feet are to our health is it really worth sacrificing comfort and an active lifestyle in our later years for the sake of style alone?


Thanks for your great feedback Ricki. I think it’s important to find the right balance. I personally buy mid heeled shoes only when they are comfortable and never wear them for long. But sometimes I just feel glamorous wearing those shoes every now and then (even though my husband doesn’t really care for high heels…) but I never wear them for very long. In the end you are right that your health and well-being always comes first!


I hear you on the high heeled shoes! Who exactly decided this was a good idea? I’ve almost always worn flats or very low heels and have not had any foot problems. I actually own more heels now then I did when I was younger, although I never wear them if I’m doing much walking and have a pair of flats along to change into if needed!

I actually like the kind of chunky shoes that are brown and black with the back strap in green. It reminds me of a mallard duck. They could certainly look like “old lady” shoes, but if styled right could also be kind of funky and cute.


I’ve had feet problems from time of child-hood. At 40 something I finaly went to a pediortrist. Sent me to have orthotics made. Of which were night n day difference. Yet only fit in tennis shoes. My feet are wide and flat. The only thing I can wear w/o not foot pain but back and hip also besides shoes that can hold the ortho’s are Finn Comfort. And coming from nothing but ugly shoes since a kid I thought them to be super cute. But be sure they have a–whole plenty of ugly ones also. Ah yaa like those tan lace up oxfords only seen on 90 year old over weight gals with swollen ankles of which not only are they uuuuggggly they cost about 300.00 and up!! So I have been searching for other brands that are equal to FC’s if not better. I have the Sansibar and Witchata my favorite.
So yes any others out there that absolutley have to supior arch support and CUSH and have found a brand that works please let me know. And of course I expect them to be in 250.-350. range. Thanks


Thanks for your recommendations and feedback halleigh. I will do my best to find more great brands that offer shoes with arch support.


Gigi September 23 6:40 pm
I wear only Naots, Dansko, and Born, mainly because I love these and they work for me. They are expensive but I have reached the point I have to wear great shoes because of plantar fasciitis. I just haven’t tried others but intend to do so! I heard Altrex is good but haven’t tried them. Orthoheel have a great arch but the foot bed is plastic and I do not enjoy paying so much with such a “cheap” foot bed that absorbs perspiration. Have only one pair. Yuk I really want others and not wear orthodics but they may be my next thought.


Great feedback Gigi. Thanks!


Another big thumbs up for Naots – – especially the ones with the removable footbed. These footbeds are made of cork and mold to the shape of your foot – – – and they have some cute styles!


Came upon this site in my endless search for shoes, insoles, anything to help my flat feet. I’ve had planter fascitis. I would love to wear a good pair of insoles but they take up room in the toe box area esp. big toe area. So how do I resolve this – I don’t know. And I have a budget. I did find Teva sandals on sale that I glued my over the counter 3/4 length arch supports to and it works just fine. But closed toe shoes are trickier and we’ve hit the cold season in Seattle.


Hi Su. Thanks for your comment. I’m not (yet) an expert with this but perhaps some of the other ladies have experience with this and can give you some feedback….


Usually there is more room at the front of boots… Is that a solution?


I was wondering – is there such a thing as 3/4 length insoles that work? Has anyone had any experience? What are some people’s experiences with working with toebox room

Greetje Kamminga

Yes, I have 3/4 lenght insoles as my feet problems are at the side (the “bridge”) of my feet and underneath the front of my feet. But not underneath my toes. So I have support soles which end where my toes begin.


Greetje ~~ Wonderful! Might be what I’m looking for. What are yr insoles called – hopefully I can find it on Amazon.


Kate hampshire

Yes I have three quarter soles but also need support at the side of my feet because my ankles roll inwards! I would like to be elegant but it really isn’t possible with orthotics. I’m in the uk and haven’t heard of a lot of the makes mentioned above, but I’ll certainly be looking out for them. Thanks everyone.


I’m so glad I found you all! I can’t wait to try all of your suggestions! Here are mine. keep in mind that I do not have a wide foot. Aetrex sandals are very cute with great arch support and reasonable prices especially now that they aren’t in season. I love my Naot’s for a dressier wedge style. I needed a beach flip flop that could get wet and found Olukai. Super arch support on the beach! Woohoo! Alegria Debra’s ( are the most comfortable shoe ever for my feet. They are a closed in shoe that I wear with jeans. The first pair of Alegrias that I purchased were ugly as sin, but I tried them on at a friend’s insistence and bought them on the spot for the sheer comfort. It’s amazing what pain can force us to do. If you fit into that category, try them. The arch support is amazing and they seem to be improving their style, too. My most recent purchase was a pair of Ahnu Jackie slip ons. ( They have a good arch support, but I had to put an extra orthotic in because I need lots of support. The good news is that it took the 3/4 length insert and didn’t make my heel slip. Another plus is that the ahnu insole is completely removable and can be replaced with whatever you prefer without having to go up a size (my feet are big enough on their own:-) hope this helps someone. It comprises one year and over $1000 in research, not including all of the shoes that didn’t work! Desperation is a terrible thing.


thanks for the great feedback Bridgette!


I have osteoarthritis in the big toe of my right foot which makes life interesting…and painful. Since my pet hate is ugly shoes I have a dilemma! I am really wishing I could hire two hunky men and a sedan chair and then I wouldn’t have to walk at all!


Now THAT would be a great solution!


I have worn Mephesto shoes for years….they have high arches. The one I love the most is a sandal called”seidel”. I have them in 7 colors. They have a strap over the toes & over the arch with a rinestone buckle. Everytime I wear them thru security at the airport I get asked where to buy them. I purchase them thru Zappoes on line.


Hi Ellen. I found them under the name Sydel and have added them to the collection. Thanks for the feedback!


Ainsley by Dansko are great for many reasons: removable insole to accommodate orthotics
but are extremely comfortable as is. They look dressy, but actually almost flat.


Thanks Ada. I have added them to the collection above!


I have super narrow, high arch size 6 1/2 foot. Born is my no fail go to, teva for a flip flop. Both brands are no fail for me. Also, Pikolinos are pretty comfy. For a dressy shoe I merely suffer in silence for fashion and wear what looks good!
Montana gal


Thanks for your tips and feedback Karen!


Hi , I have a connective tissue disease, called Ehlers-Danlos, and it is crucial for me to have support and comfort. The disease alone, causes knots in my muscles, so any compensation with other muscles to support myself, can create more knots. So my shoe choices are Sofft, Love these pair of combat boots I bought from them.. so comfortable and not heavy. I also have bought about 4 pair of knee high boots from Keen, as the sole was constructed with rubber, and does not have the cap toe that keen usually has, so you wouldnt know these are “comfot” boots. Clarks concert choir flats are just the right combo of stability and cushion. Clarks has a line called the Artisan line, that has amazingly soft, cushioned,and supportive footbeds, I have 4 pair of sandals with this line.
Recently, I purchased 2 pair of Born oxfords, as I love the trend, and they are comfortable, but I could also remove thier footbed, and insert my over the counter insole. This was one of the toughest things about my disease, no more heels, but honestly, I dont miss them that much.. the key is finding stylish shoes that provide arch support and stability.


Great feedback Jess. I have added some of your choices to the list!


I’ve been wearing Wolky Jewel sandals but now it’s too cold. They were ugly, but felt great. Now I can’t find anything for winter that 1)have arch support and 2) are not ugly as sin.


Orthaheel Tide flip flop ( hands down best built in arch support to relieve pain and discomfort. I wear them around the house always – orthaheel makes a house slipper claiming to be similar but I found it not nearly as supportive and did not hold up.
Orthaheel Stride and Bali are dressier sandals both with outstanding built in arch support – not as much as Tide but close; very comfortable and can walk long distances. Run about 1/2 size large: only go up to 11. I am 11.5-12 but can wear 11 in the open toe sandals/flip flops.
Dansko volley tennis shoe- supportive, comfy, not as bulky and heavy as the staple clog and cute. Just tried on Dansko Olivia at Walking Company. Usually need 43 in most Dansko but 42 worked. Volley runs bit longer
Earthies Rubio- run about 1/2 size long, good built in arch support. Have to purchase 12 and use heel pad to stop slippage. some cute styles.
Orthaheel Oh orthotic inserts are close to custom orthotics – great to slip in to tennis and athletic shoes-


Thank you for your great feedback Kales!


Ps- thank you for your articles and information on style ideas and issues for mature women !!


Been reading your site. Does anyone know the difference between Earth shoes and Earthies? I like some of the Earties style, but I just bought a pair of Earth shoes that although I order a wide width, they were tighter than my regular b. I do have one pair of like Paul Green that I like and never get pain from wearing, but they are sandlas and I need close toe. I have one pair of Taryn Rose, but that did not work so well either, after just a few months the arch support “softened”. I really need strong arch support. your experience is appreciated.


Earthies have a larger arch support. Earth shoes the support is smaller. I had pain in one arch two years ago and found Earthies to be a good shoe for me. Earthies also have more design detail and make a “fancier” shoe. I also wear a pair of Earth shoes to and like them. I add arch supports to many of my shoes which I purchase at Walmart and adhere with double sided tape. I have also purchased arch supports at shoe stores and added them. Wearing a good slipper with arch support really helped mine to heal. I added more good fat to my diet and went on a low inflamation diet. I also did PT for several months and now I don’t have any pain. I hope this is helpful.

blue hue wonderland


Thank you


This is a nice website, lots of great info! I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both my knees and have found that supportive footwear is imperative. It took a foot doctor to make me realize there is a major difference between comfortable shoes and shoes that have true support. Wish I would have learned that years ago. Anyway, my search for reasonably stylish and supportive shoes has been ongoing. So far I have found the Earth brands to be good, although sometimes their sizing is odd! Alegria’s have been the most comfortable, even if they aren’t the most stylish. Aravon is a great brand and Abeo from the Walking Co. has been good too. Orthoheel is ok, depending on the style. What bugs me about that brand is paying so much for a shoe that isn’t even leather or suede! Taos has worked for me and is crazy comfortable. I like Jambu, I have found their sizing tends to run small. My one overall pet peeve is so many manufacturers are stingy when offering a wide with shoe! Right now my quest is for flats that have some arch support.


Thanks for your great feedback Lori!


Thank you for this site if not for any other reason than to know I am not alone in this quest for comfort and style. Keens seem to be the shoe that provides me with the most comfort but it’s only the hiking style sole that has the support I need and these cannot be worn with everything. I spent a pretty penny on New Balance running shoes but these are not doing the trick. Does anyone experience tingling or numbing in their toes? Thank you and happy hunting.

Robyn Herczeg

Has anyone tried Joya shoes?

Lynette Benton

Thanks for this post. It’s amazing how our feet can change as we get older. I have the Naots with the little curlicues on them in about 4 different colors. I also spent at least $200 on inserts until I found the Spencos you show above. (They also come in full lengths.)

What a wonderful website this is—tackling subjects we want and need to discuss but seldom find anywhere else (although I did do a post on my Stylish Ole Woman site about foot challenges!

Pam Vierling

This is a very interesting & helpful web page. I just recently went to a store called Smart Feet because I was having severe foot pain. I have always known by looking at my arches that they were high, but I never really realized how high until I had one of those foam box measurements done. I have always tried to find shoes with the best arch support possible, I also use small arch inserts that are made out of leather with a sponge arch support. But as we age the support in these types of devices aren’t enough for the arch support we need. I bought 2 full length arch beds & 1/2 of a one which has helped me tremendously. Some of my shoes the inserts can be removed & some can’t. I purchased a pair of walking shoes made by Finn Comfort from Germany. I put in my arch support & I was amazed how nice it felt on my arch. These aren’t ugly, they are a nice walking shoes & you could wear them with a dress pant & they would still look nice. They are Black & have a sort of shiny surface but not a leather or patent finish. The serial number inside is # 3088917-1, they were in the pricey range of $300. but well worth it. I bought a size 41 but would normally buy a 40 which would be a 9.

Now if you need a Tennis shoe I have recently bought Brooks ( from Dicks Sporting Store here in Kansas City, MO. The foot bed comes out & you can insert your own, they naturally have a raised arch bed inside the shoe but it wasn’t high enough for my foot. I ordered 1/2 size larger than you normally wear.

I really appreciate every ones feed back here, I’m new to this foot pain issue. Now I can go in & look at all the shoes that was mentioned on here. I never imagined so many different brands of shoes that I could possibly wear. Yes I agree with all of you on here that mentioned about the ugliness of the designs. I to want better styles.

I think designers should be asking US to send them pictures of the designs we would want to wear on our feet.

Yes I get it that most of these designers come from UK; New Zealand; Germany; Australia & where ever. The style of shoes in their native land are so much different than our styles. They should come over here & study our designs & them go back to their country & make them. We should have a women designer to make comfortable shoes for us & also that don’t cost an arm & a leg.

Thank You for the supportive suggestions.


Thanks for the great article. Good arches are hard to find – especially in a cute shoe! I wear most of the brands mentioned above, really love Earthies, and I live in Chacos in the warm weather. I don’t know if they are fashionable enough, but Chacos have fabulous arches that work very well for me.


Has anyone used Vionic?


I live in Canada and came across this website so thought I would add a few names for cute ortho correct womans shoes I have bought. I have awful feet!! My right foot has a huge painful bunion so I have to have strap like shoes or cut a hole in regular shoes-ha!!~ I also have Metatarsal collapse (not sure if this may be the same as plantar fiscitis? The tiny bones in my feet are no longer supportive. I have Ortho insoles that were prescribed but of course I rarely wear wear them. Now my feet are really hurting, the bottoms of my feet are bright red and the skin stretched so they are shiny & my bunion is a beacon. Here are the shoes I have:

ecco-Abeo-Noat- Mobiles- Teva’s (I love but not enough arch support)-and the best dress sandals are from Romika’s. I guess just look them up online to find a shop that sells them.


Thank you so much Ebrena for your feedback. I will try adding your recommended shoes to this list. Good luck with your feet troubles!


Mephisto Helen Sandals are wonderful for arch support. Also Orthaheel Tide flip-flops. I live in Florida and never wear closed shoes so it’s hard to use my custom orthotics. These two sandals have saved me!


Thanks for the great feedback Marsha!

Helen O'Loughlin

Hi I have bought a pair of Allegria Caiti ankle boots size 40. They feel great great support but my foot seems to be swimming even in thick wool socks. I take a size 40 in Naot but wanted more more support for walking. has anyone else found Allegria running large or do Naot run small?


Hi Helen I don’t know the answer to that question, but hopefully soon someone who knows will respond!


I discovered Vionic with Orthoheel technology available on QVC. I have severe pronunciation because flat feet and this brand FEELS wonderful


Thanks for the feedback Rosalie!


I tried several brands, but the best and corrective for everyday use were the Vionic Orthoheel. I have feet that need medical attention due to a bad bunion situation, but until then the Vionic feel so good and repositioned my feet for the better. Also The Walking Company offers a similar technology and they will do a computer analysis of your feet right at the store. Prices are similar for both. Also, don’t despair, there are dressy shoes as well you can wear on occasion. Viovic has come up with a cute new “Bootie” that looks as good as regular shoes. Their quality I found a little disappointing, but in reality many shoes in their price range are similar in other ways. Its the technology that I paid for. Dansko also has good support shoes. Happy shopping, and health, happiness and peace to all.


Thanks for the great feedback Nicole!


Thank you for the helpful list. Saved me a ton of time trying to compile my own!

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