40+Style Gift guide…Over 150 gift ideas for women over 40

by Sylvia

40+Style Gift guide...Over 150 gift ideas | 40plusstyle.com

It is that time of year again when shopping for gifts begins to fill in more hours of the day. As the holidays quickly approach, chances are there are people in your life who are searching for the perfect gift for you.

Alternatively, you’re probably looking for a gift either for a close friend family member, or yourself (don’t forget to treat yourself this holiday season).

So let me help you out a bit! Here is a list of some of the best gift ideas for women over 40. From great hotel deals for excursions around the world to statement bracelets, I’ve included over 150 different gift ideas that are perfect for women over 40.

If you see something (or multiple things!) that catch your eye, don’t feel guilty about passing this link on to any of your loved ones as a small hint.

Here are my suggestions for gifts for women over 40. Feel free to throw in any ideas you might have in the comments below.

An experience

An unforgettable experience is the perfect gift for almost anyone. In fact travel and experiences is what our family spends the most money on.

The key is discovering what that person you are looking to surprise is yearning to discover and explore, and design an experience around it. There are a number of travel hacks and  hotel deals around that make it easy to fly off to exotic locations (like Bali) or romantic locales (like Paris) at a fraction of the price. Hotels.com is a great place to source deals on hotels and resorts. Another website that makes it easy for you to gift someone an experience somewhere around the world they won’t forget is Kayak Explore.

christmas holiday gift guide: travel | 40plusstyle.com

Chic handbag

The holidays are meant for spoiling and splurging, especially when you show great restraint throughout the year. Splurge on a high quality, chic handbag that satisfies both function and aesthetic needs. This is the opportunity to get the supple leather gem you have had your eye on or the completely artsy and eclectic piece you otherwise would never choose to purchase.

christmas holiday gift guide: handbags | 40plusstyle.com

Coffee Table book

It’s often rare that you are able to combine chic home decor with something that is also intellectually stimulating. That is the beauty of many coffee table books. They make a great gift because they are often collectibles that look great stacked together on numerous surfaces or laid out on their own on a coffee or side table. From architecture to style, you can find a coffee table book that satisfies any type of interest or passion. I’m particularly drawn to the style ones that cover the history of fashion houses (like Chanel) or ageless beauty (like Cohen’s Advanced Style).

christmas holiday gift guide: coffee table book 40plusstyle.com

Dramatic black dress

We all know the importance of having the perfect little black dress in our closet that can be worn to numerous events. However, a dramatic black dress takes this to another level. This is another opportunity to indulge in an embellished, draped, or lacy piece that you would normally not choose to splurge on. Whether you go for a Pretty Woman inspired neckline or a grecian inspired asymmetrical drape, this is the dress that gives you your diva, ethereal, or bombshell look that is anything but basic.

christmas holiday gift guide: black dress for christmas | 40plusstyle.com


Technology is always going full speed ahead.

Find another way to connect with someone special to you, by giving them the gift of connectivity (especially one they really have use for). From wireless headphones (they’ll thank you when they realize how much easier a wire free life is) to chic bracelets that double as cell phone chargers, there are a number of useful gadgets that don’t have to make you feel as if you’re getting or giving an impulse electronics purchase from Sears that you will no longer use after a month or so.

christmas holiday gift guide: new gadgets | 40plusstyle.com

Luxe candles

Quality and expensive candles are often an item that many would add to a wish list, but choose not to purchase for themselves when taking in the cost. Much like perfume, consider the personality and style of the gift recipient. A set of luxe candles that will allow them to indulge could be the perfect gift for them.


christmas holiday gift guide: candles luxury high-end candles | 40plusstyle.com

Music Service Subscription

Most everyone you encounter has a great passion for some type (or all types) of music. With so many options available to play music digitally, the ability to play music is often overlooked as a gift.

This is a very functional gift that will still be delightful and will often solicit the, “I actually use that!” response. Consider purchasing a year long subscription to a music service (like Apple music).

christmas holiday gift guide: music subscription | 40plusstyle.com


Perfume can be one of those gifts that is pretty basic if it’s given without much thought to the recipient. As you select the right perfume for the recipient, keep in mind what they are passionate about and how they go about wearing perfume.

Are they a lively personality in love with vibrant florals? Do they tend to prefer a bit more of the exotic and would be into more oriental notes? Memory is strongly attached to scent and selecting the right quality perfume allows you to give them an experience each time they use it. For more tips check our tips on the most popular perfumes and the best and most popular summer perfumes.

christmas holiday gift guide: perfume for women | 40plusstyle.com


Quality silk or cashmere scarves are a gift that keeps on giving. Not only will the recipient think of you whenever they wear them, but they will get a lot of mileage out of them. Quality pieces are timeless and allow you to select prints or colors that fit the personality of whomever receives it as a gift.

christmas holiday gift guide: silk scarves | 40plusstyle.com

Statement jewelry

A statement necklace is always a great gift.

There’s something thrilling about receiving a piece that looks unique and will bring about many compliments. And when giving this as a gift (or receiving it), the answer will most always be, “It was a gift.” That response is usually said with a  smile because the thought and the bracelet, necklace, or earrings count.

christmas holiday gift guide: statement necklace | 40plusstyle.com

Statement shoes

You can never go wrong when selecting shoes as a much loved Christmas gift.

Take it up a notch, however, and select a statement pair that could be considered a splurge. These are the pair of shoes the recipient would otherwise reconsider because they might not think of all the places they could wear them or they want to opt for something a bit more functional. However, these are the wishlist pair that are unique and aligned with the wearer’s personality.

christmas holiday gift guide: statement shoes | 40plusstyle.com


There is something quite comforting about a quality journal that has an inscription on the front from whomever gave it to you. Especially if you love to write or like to collect quality pieces. By giving someone a well-made and quality journal, you are providing them with an opportunity to draft whatever is important to them in something you put much thought into.

They also double as great decor when left on desks, tables, etc.

christmas holiday gift guide: journals | 40plusstyle.com

Travel accessories

We all know a woman who is quite the explorer and has a travel bug that never diminishes.

One of the biggest needs when traveling is quality luggage that both looks and feels good to handle. Travel related gifts are always appreciated by the explorer.

Consider splurging on technologically advanced pieces like the Raden suitcases that have an internal scale (you just pick it up to see how much it weighs), a tracker so you can never lose it (imagine the anxiety of never seeing your bag again disappearing) AND a mobile charger. Or maybe you opt to upgrade their backpack to a supple leather piece that will last for years and dress up their airport look a bit.

Either way, these are gifts that you know they will use year after year.

christmas holiday gift guide: passport holder and travel necessities | 40plusstyle.com

What is on your holiday wish list this year? What is the best gift you have ever received?


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I am totally staying away from this post. Too dangerous.


I like these ideas. I’m shopping for the grandkid mostly and just getting started for everyone else. I picked up a phone charger for my husband, a book for my son and a Klimt tee shirt from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Store (40% off!) for my sister. For my wish list: the Tory Burch cream bag, Moschino and Givenchy scarves, a glam watch or open work cuff bracelet. I just ordered a pair of Calvin Klein vanilla booties at $53 marked down from $169. I love Amazon! Good luck everyone

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