10 most stylish powerful women over 40

by Sylvia

most stylish women over 40
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Last week the 100 most powerful women were announced by Forbes. Not surprisingly there are quite a few 40+ ladies on the list as well. So I wondered who are the most stylish powerful women. Here are my picks!

1. Michelle Obama (48)

This woman sure knows how to dress. Although she usually keeps it simple with her shift dresses, she makes them exciting with the most fantastic colours.

2. Miuccia Prada 63)

How can I not include the woman who creates some of the most covetable fashion with her labels Miu Miu and Prada!

3. Anna Wintour (62)

Showered with clothes from the best designers in the word, how could she not look stylish?

most stylish women over 40

4. Jennifer Lopez (43)

Although sometimes a bit over the top, Jennifer Lopez manages to look good almost every single time I see her. I thought she looked very polished during her stint as an American Idol judge and she is one of the few 40+ ladies who can still rock the mini dress!

5. Diane von Furstenberg (55)

Very much an advocate of the bohemian style and always looking unique with wonderful prints and beautiful wrap dresses. And sometimes, just in plain black and white.

6. Aung San Suu Kyi (67)

Aung San Suu Kyi always looks superbly elegant in her Asian dress and flower in her hair.

7. Oprah Winfrey (58)

Oprah is a shining example on how to dress when you are very curvacious (as is Georgette). She has the best stylists around her and they make sure she looks amazing every time.

fashionable women over 40

8. Sofia Vergara (40)

Although I don’t know her style that well, I’m always very impressed when I see her in evening gowns. This woman really knows how to dress her gorgeous body!

9. Hillary Clinton (64)

Although Hillary often gets criticized for her dressing, I often think she looks good in her pant suits. She understands that she will never be a fashion icon and just sticks to what she is comfortable in and what works well for her.

10. Ellen DeGeneres (54)

I like that Ellen DeGeneres is very true to her tomboy style in which she is so comfortable. I like her best in a nicely tailored pant suit with white blouse.

What do you think?

Of course this selection has been made out of the top 100 most influential women from the Forbes list. It would be a different story altogether if we choose from ALL the fabulous 40+ women alive today.
Who would you nominate for the 10 most stylish 40+ women list? I would love to receive your nominations and will then compile a list later this year.
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When I saw the title of this post, I instantly thought “Ellen” for some reason. She always looks comfortable and fun and dresses for her, not what the media might think she should wear. Mrs. Obama always looks great, so I’d agree with that choice. Oprah…uh, no. She’s so overdone…if she were without all of her stylists and her Spanx, no one would recognize her. I’d add Cathryn Zeta-Jones to this list. She always looks amazing!


Thanks Rita. Catherine could not be added to this specific list as the is not listed in the 100 powerful women, but I will certainly consider her for my future most stylish 40+ women list. Thanks for the feedback!


Ah…sorry. Missed that cavaet. :-) On your other list, I’d add Jane Seymour as well.


My pick would be the British supermodel Yasmin le Bon. She always looks beautiful, elegant and unique.


Thanks for your nomination Sam!


I love this list of women who change the world and look great while doing it. :) My top 3 are Anna, Miuccia, and DVF (who I believe is 65 not 55). All of these ladies are over 60 and are still beautiful and set the standard for fashion worldwide. How cool is that? I would add Diane Sawyer to my top 10 list. She is the epitome of cool blondness. She is 66 so I guess all of my heroes are in that decade of their lives.


Great feedback Suzanne. I must admit that I don’t know Diane Sawyer so well, so thanks for pointing that out.


I like to nominate women who do not design clothes or get them thrown at them. So….
here they are:
Helene Gayle from the 100 40+ powerful womens list.
Judith, the Style Crone from the bloggers
Helen Mirren from the actrices


Great picks Greetje!


I think Anna Wintour always looks very elegant (but I agree with you with all those clothes who doesn’t) unlike Anna Dello Russo (50) who style is not my cup of tea.
Also Michelle Obama is very inspirational.
And I agree with Greetje about Helen Mirren (67), she is still sexy and a role model for growing old gracefully with her fantastic style and figure, despite women like Helen are by no means in the minority for looking sexy and stunning.


Yes, Helen Mirren will be on my list for sure!


JLo usually looks fab, as does DVF. I think Jennifer Aniston has a great sense of style. And the already featured here Diane Keaton is very stylish. Demi Moore looks nice as well.


Yes, all great candidates for my list!


I have to say that I agreed with every one except for Jennifer Lopez. She is too over the top sexy and tries to hard. She also can’t ever seem to be without a man..that is not “powerful” to me.


You are right Issy, her style is too sexy for me too, but I love how she takes risks and knows her body so well and how to dress it. I think I like about 50% of her outfits. Who would you nominate for my most stylish list from all 40+ plus women currently alive?


Gosh.. Jane Fonda!!!! Helen Mirren…. Meryl Streep.. Jennifer Aniston (i know she’s the youngest in the lot I provided) but.. hell these women sure can dress.. and they look amazing!!


Great choices Kav!

Tav W.

I agree with the additions of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Helen Mirren. Definitely. I’d also add the beautifully unconventional Lauren Hutton and the beautifully classic Lauren Bacall to the list. My favorite “Laurens” have always been so inspirational to me.


Yes, great ladies to consider!


If we can add someone who is not on the Forbes list – I vote Sarah Jessica Parker. :) She can dress in unconventional ways but she makes everything look great! She is still having fun with fashion and she is very confident in her choices. I love her!


Yes, totally agree. I still want to write a feature on her, but it’s still on the to do list. I wonder if you should write it, since you are such a huge fan!


I am thinking about this. Hmmmm! Maybe as co-writers?

Simone Eberth

I just love the way you celebrate both the women over 40 who seldom are the ones being noticed in the big hot fashion magazines as well and those great women out there not always known for their style because they don’t wear big fancy run-way dresses.
I especially appreciate your honors to H. Clinton because “style” has not been easy for her during de time.
Thank you

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